For all your queries on general safety footwear or if you're a company looking to sell V12 Footwear or provide them for your workforce, all you need to know is below. 


Will I need to break in my work boots?

With the right fit, size and comfort, you can prevent the need to break in new leather boots so you can avoid pain and focus on the job in hand. Get all our top tips in this guide.  

How long do work boots last?

This all depends on the boot and what they’re used for. The key to a long-lasting boot is to ensure it has the specification and protective features which meet or safeguard you from the hazards of your workplace.


Looking after your boots correctly is also important in determining their life - find out more on both topics here. 

Do I pay VAT on safety boots?

It depends on who they’re for and what the style is.


If you are a company buying safety footwear for employees, then you do have to pay VAT. 


However, you don’t pay any VAT if you’re buying a pair of safety boots for yourself. But – the rules are different with safety shoes and trainers. Find out all the information in our handy guide here.  

Can I get safety boots to help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful and common foot pain complaint, but the solution doesn’t always lie in your boots. Getting an arch-supporting insole like V12's Dynamic Arch can go a long way to reduce or prevent Plantar Fasciitis, as it is designed to give targeted support and cushioning to take pressure and strain off the feet.


To find out more, plus other ways of reducing Plantar Fasciitis pain, click here.  

What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant boots?

A water-resistant boot keeps water out to a certain degree, but not entirely. If the upper gets prolonged exposure to water such as puddles, trenches or heavy rain, you’ll get wet feet eventually.


A waterproof boot doesn’t let any water in as it will have a waterproof membrane - essentially a plastic bag placed behind the upper – which acts as a barrier to keep water out. 

How do I know my size in V12 safety boots?

The majority of footwear is produced in Asian nations, which means it’s often too narrow for the wider European foot, because the last is designed on the narrower feet of the people native to those Far Eastern countries.


The V12 range is based on our unique data-driven last (the foot form around which a boot is built) which was designed using images of over 4,000 global foot scans, so our boots accommodate wider and narrower global foot shapes.


As a result, they contour and support wearers with wider or narrower feet, so, they might feel different from other safety boot brands you’ve worn. And this feeling? It’s true comfort thanks to the right fit.


Want to find your V12 size? Head here to get what you need to give yourself cloud-like comfort with a pair of V12s. 


What is the UK market growth rate?

The growth rate for safety footwear is very encouraging in the UK Safety Footwear market, reaching 8.2% in the latest year according to industry analysts Plimsoll.


Greater investment in safety footwear is due to a number of factors. These include increasingly stringent safety regulations in industrial workplaces, as well as increased innovation in design and construction making protective footwear lighter and more comfortable.


Even better for safety footwear sellers is that the average growth in the UK Wholesalers and Distributors market reached 3.6% last year. This means that while personal protective equipment is growing, safety footwear is growing at well over double that rate at 8.2%.


Given this, adding safety footwear to your PPE range is a sensible move, as the demand for this safety product is significantly outweighing demand for other personal protective items.

How do I get an account?

If you’re looking to sell V12 footwear, to get started, all you need to do is get in contact with us here, give us some information about your company, and we’ll be in touch.  

When are the new safety standards coming into effect?

Now. The 2022 standards have been harmonised, meaning they have been officially recognised by the European Committee for Standardizations, so boots can be tested to this standard. 

Can boots marked with the old standard still be sold?

Yes. The two standards are currently running alongside each other so are both usable and legitimate EN ISO 20345 editions. But, be aware that the 2011 version will be withdrawn from 11th November 2024.


This means safety footwear can only be tested to the 2011 standard up to this date, and then this edition will be redundant.


Safety footwear tested to EN ISO 20345:2011 can be sold and worn after this date, but when stock of these boots runs out, they will be tested to the updated 2022 standards. 


How can I ensure my workforce is wearing the correct size footwear?

If you have a large workforce, a V12 expert can visit your workplace and using our digital impression scanner, ensure that your team have the right footwear solution through the correct size and arch-support, giving them the highest levels of foot health, well-being and compliance.

What is your audit process and why is it valuable?

Our Foot Health and Safety Assessment is a 3-step process advising you on the footwear most suitable for your workplace environment and work-specific hazards: It includes:


  • an industry-leading audit 
  • a safety footwear trial process 
  • our expert product recommendation


To find out how to get started, click here. 


Which industries do you make boots for?

V12 Footwear’s work boots are trusted by companies in a range of industries across the globe. Whether it's Waste and Recycling, Energy, Engineering or Agri, we have a safety boot to keep wearers safe and comfortable for every sector.


You can get a more specific look at the sectors we serve on our industry page on our website. 

What innovations do you have?

When it comes to safety footwear innovation, V12 lead the way. Here are just a few examples:



A metatarsal-protecting internal shield developed with carbon specialists which is 200-times stronger than steel.



An innovative and highly durable waterproof membrane that keeps feet cool as well as dry with revolutionary inner-boot climate control and moisture-management.



Based on tyre technology, this innovative sole unit is designed to provide outstanding grip and traction on smooth and slippery surfaces with water dispersing hexagonal tread and an angled heel to reduce trips and falls.


See more of our industry-leading foot health and safety innovations here.  

Does V12 ship internationally?

Yes. We want as many people as possible to get the best protection and comfort, so our international distribution network can fulfil safety footwear requirements across the globe.


Do note though, it's not possible to buy through our website directly to ship internationally, so please use our stockist finder if you are based overseas. 

How long is V12’s guarantee?

We’re so confident our boots will stand the test of time, we offer a 200-day guarantee on all our boots.  

What is your CSR policy?

The continual improvement of our trading standards and business practices is extremely important to us, and we are committed to manufacturing safety footwear made responsibly and sustainably.


We work with renowned third-party organisations to ensure the very best standards of CSR. We are a registered BSIF Safety Supplier and Keymark accredited, meaning we’ve committed to selling certified and regularly quality assessed PPE. We’re Satra Gold and Sedex members, meaning we uphold the highest standards of responsible manufacturing.


Find out more about our CSR here.