At V12 Footwear, we believe in hiring the best people, and our culture is a big part of that. We have curated a team of enthusiastic and exceptional individuals in our mission to better the health and well-being of employees in the workplace.  

As a family-run business we understand the importance of people and our culture is at the heart of our success – it’s our playbook for winning – and something we nurture, protect and respect. From our team, you can always expect:  

  • Mutual Respect – we have respect for each other, their time, decisions and feelings 
  • Think Team – we truly believe teamwork and communication can expedite success 
  • Own It – we hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions and see them through 
  • Step Up – we are always looking to step up as individuals and as a team 
  • Get Stuff Done – we look to execute on our promises through efficiency and prioritisation  

By living and breathing these values, our team puts people at the forefront of everything we do by offering high levels of customer service, embracing industry-leading innovation and continuous development to ensure people are kept safe and in good health at work.  

For over three decades, we have been bringing experience and a wealth of industry knowledge to our customers to work collaboratively to drive excellent foot health across the UK. A mission that we intend to continue for many years to come. 


Meet the team behind the boots


Andy Turner


V12 Andy Turner

George Turner

Managing Director

V12 George Turner

Charlie Turner

Head of sales & Marketing

Charlie Turner V12

Keira Maria

Finance Director

V12 Keira Maria



V12 Rolf Turner

Jemma Fullam

Talent Manager

V12 Jemma Fullam

The sales Team

Our Sales Team are based both internally and are located in your area. You can use the map to see the Key Account Manager for your area or get to know the entire team below. 

V12 Footwear UK Sales Areas_2023 - Updated (without managers)

 KEY account manager 

Steven Baker
Steve baker
+44 (0) 7384 918899

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 Key account manager 

Mike McCann (1)
Mike mccann
+44 (0) 7384 914785

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Business development manager

George Coffey (1)
george coffey
+44 (0) 7385 494914

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 Business development Manager 

Stuart Kyle (1)
Stuart Kyle
+44 (0) 7385 391543

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Unsure who to get in touch with?

If you're unsure who your contact is, not to worry. Contact our friendly Customer Service Team on or +44 (0) 1249 651 900 and they will be happy to help and point you in the direction of the correct V12 representative for you.