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Interested in sustainability or have any questions about how we produced edition 22 of our catalogue in an environmentally responsible way? Head to the FAQ section below this form.


FAQs on our Catalogue's sustainability
Why have you printed a catalogue if you’re committed to sustainability?

The first important change we’ve made to this year’s Edition is that it’s available on request. This means that we don’t just print copies for all our wearers and distributors, as this would be inefficient and wasteful: many of our customers want to have the digital copy only. So, even though there is the option of having a physical copy of edition 22, no unnecessary printing occurs.

Is there anything sustainable about the way the catalogue was made or printed?

Absolutely! The new catalogue has been printed using:

  • Waterless printing technology
  • Mixed recycled paper
  • Power from 100% renewable resources
  • Fully sustainable, vegetable oil-based inks
What else is environmentally friendly about the catalogue?

We’ve changed the orientation of our catalogue from portrait to landscape, which allowed us to fit more product images and text on each page. This, as well as condensing and editing our information has enabled us to reduce the amount of pages in this Edition by nearly 30%. 

Why can’t you go purely digital with your new catalogue?

We asked our customers what they wanted – fully digital, fully print or both. We even conducted an online poll to see what people wanted, and the message was clear – while digital was a very popular option, print is just as in demand, with over half of the respondents saying they still wanted a physical catalogue. So we listened and did just that, whilst making it our most sustainable and environmentally-friendly catalogue ever! 

Reasons for wanting a printed catalogue include: 

  • Ease of navigation. Flicking through a catalogue is sometimes quicker than a digital version when locating a product. 
  • Impact. A lot of sales is done face to face, and many salespeople find an interactive and colourful catalogue has more impact for the customer.  
  • Suitability. We might live in a digital age, but a lot of people still enjoy working with physical assets.  
  • Reliability. When technology lets you down, a catalogue won’t – so it’s always good to have one around!