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At V12, the continual improvement of our ethical trading standards and business practices is incredibly important to us. Providing our wearers with outstanding safety footwear isn’t enough – we want to provide them with the peace of mind that their products have been made responsibly, efficiently and with respect for people and planet at the fore. 

Ethical Excellence

We insist all V12 suppliers meet our Ethical Trading Standards - without exception.

V12 Footwear CSR

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Environmental Achievements


We strive for environmentally sound manufacturing in our products’ life cycle in every phase.

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Charity and Support


We take every opportunity to help those in need, because we're not just about boots - we're about people.

V12 Footwear CSR

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Product and Principles


Embracing technology and innovation is key in giving our wearers the best protection – but it also plays a crucial role in delivering ethical, sustainable and responsible safety products too.

V12 Footwear CSR

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When it comes to achieving the highest manufacturing standards, we believe it’s crucial to be outward facing and draw on the expertise of third parties, not just so we are held accountable, but so we can learn from other industry leaders through partnership and collaboration.  

 We work with the following renowned organisations to ensure the very best standards of CSR: 

Sedex Member badge


Working with this world-leading ethical trading organisation ensures: 

  • no child labour occurs in production  
  • fair working conditions for all V12 employees and personnel 
Gold SATRA member logo 2023 colour


Carrying the Quality Mark of world-renowned testing organisation Satra signifies our products have: 

  • come from a manufacturing environment featuring ongoing product conformity assessments 
  • undergone a meticulous and rigorous inspection and testing programme  
V12 Footwear and Leather Working Group


Working with the Leather Working Group who work to ensure environmental best practice in leather manufacturing means:

  • our footwear manufactured in Europe is made at LWG certified tanneries 
  • this footwear is made using sustainably sourced leather
V12 Footwear and BSIF Registered Safety Supplier


The BSiF (British Safety Industry Federation Registered Safety Supplier Scheme) works to counteract counterfeit safety products and ensure companies’ PPE matches the claims of their certification. Being an associate of the BSiF means we: 

  • formally commit to selling only certified PPE that matches our safety claims 
  • agree to random BSiF audits to verify V12 product conformance

Working alongside these organisations mean that our wearers can trust in our footwear’s production as well as performance - every time.